We understand that finding a local supplier with the expertise and knowledge for custom tooling and re-sharpening projects can be difficult.

At Special Tools, we have been supplying our customers with the highest quality custom tools for decades. We have the equipment and experience to help you complete your project to the highest quality and the support staff your company needs.


We offer a wide variety of services that range from simple re-sharpening of existing cutting tools to complete design and production of custom form tools to meet your needs. Re-sharpening typically offers cost savings of 60% or more compared to buying new tools, and with the same or better performance than factory grinds!


Along with creating custom tooling a large portion of what we do is also sharpening and reconditioning of your existing tools to extend the life of them. At a time when the initial cost of these tools can be very high make sure you get your full use out of them by having them sharpened.

anca cnc grinders

In order to produce consistent, quality tooling, we implement the use of four Computer Numerical Controlled (CNC) ANCA grinding machines that provide the finishes and tolerance specifications that you need for your tooling. These grinders are 5+ Axis machines that utilize diamond and borazon grinding wheels to grind away the carbide or HSS material that your tools are made from.

custom tool creation

The first step in the process is to give us an idea of what you are looking for, this may include a print of the product you are producing, or a hand sketch of the tool concept that you are looking for. Next we will look at what type of material the tool will be machining as well as other limitations that may be in place, such as fixturing and holders. Once this step is completed we will produce a final sketch of the tool to be approved before proceeding with the order and finally, shipping the tool to your facility to begin the cost savings!

manual grinders

Although the use of CNC machines in today's industry has become the primary method of tool and cutter grinding, we still utilize a variety of different manual grinding machines, including Pratt & Whitney R8 Tool and Cutter Grinders, a Sheffield Microform Grinder, a Cincinnati Milacron Monoset, and a variety of other tool grinding machines to produce some of the very specialized or fine tooling that requires the attention of one of our skilled employees to use to produce or modify your tooling.


"Long story short we are still using Special Tools almost exclusively. They make some of the best form tools money can buy."-Brian L.

"Thanks for getting all the special tools together in time for the launch of the new cover project."-Carl J.

about us

Special Tools has been built on generations of experience. Our founder, Tony Deschenes, dedicated his life to the precision tool grinding business and grew the company from a small garage out of his home to what is a reputable enterprise located in St. Francis.
In 2014, the business was purchased by his grandson, Adam Klinkner, who continues to ensure that Special Tools remains dedicated to superior quality and workmanship in all the goods and services they provide.

project achievements

We have designed and produced a variety of custom cutting tools that are used to manufacture many different products across a wide variety of industries. These products range from hydraulic components, automotive and industrial equipment and accessories, to medical and defense components that you may use on a day to day basis.

contact info

3950 Stark Drive NW
Saint Francis, MN 55070




We are located near the intersection of Saint Francis Blvd. NW (MN Hwy. 47) and Stark Drive NW in Saint Francis, MN. Just a short drive north of the Twin Cities metro area.