How to Package for Regrind

Follow our tips and tricks to keep your tools safe on the journey here!

  • Individually wrap or place each tool in its own protective tube or sleeve
    • Other methods include a stripcoat melting tank that tools are dipped into to form a protective coating


  • Ensure that the tools CANNOT move around, this increases the chances of them tearing through a box or becoming damaged, rubber band or stretch film tools together
  • Use thick padding to COMPLETELY surround the tools
    • Instapack foam works well for this
    • Bubble wrap also works well, provided all sharp edges are covered
  • Carbide is heavy, we recommend double boxing your tools or placing them in a hard plastic container before placing them into a box to minimize chances of them tearing through the box if they move around

Be sure to include contact information for your company so that we can be in contact with you about your specific applications and requirements for your tools! 

Send the properly packaged tools to:

Special Tools Inc.

3950 Stark Drive NW

Saint Francis, MN 55070

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