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Custom Laser Marking Services in Minnesota

Consistent and Detailed Tool & Part Marking

Special Tools provides Custom Laser Marking of any metal or carbide parts and tools. Using our Cobalt XL Laser from Laser Marking Technologies we are able to provide customers with fast turn around and custom marks including images, logos, barcodes, and text.

Utilizing a high speed, non-contact laser beam, we are able to provide a mark that is both consistent and detailed from part to part. Our fiber laser uses no consumables and only 20 watts of power to achieve desired marks that vary from an annealed mark to a deep engrave.

Utilization of a .DXF file is the preferred method for logos and non-text marks

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Common uses for Laser Marking on your cutting tools:

Part Numbers for Easy Identification
Monitor the number of times a tool has been reconditioned
Add barcodes or serial numbers to assist in tracking inventory and cost

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